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Customers may purchase a phone at an affordable price at our Flow store.

Your 3G phone and other 3G devices will no longer work on the major mobile carriers in the USA as a result of the decommissioning of their 3G technology which will be phased out across the networks during 2022. This will be effective as at the following dates:

NetworkTermination Date
AT & TFebruary 22, 2022
T-MobileJuly 1, 2022

Yes. All prepaid and postpaid services on 3G devices in the US will be impacted – voice, data and SMS.

Yes. If you have 4G LTE or 5G devices you will still be able to use your device to access data roaming services in the 4G LTE or 5G network coverage areas. This means that customers will still be able to use their mobile apps to make calls, send texts, check emails, browse and watch content.

In order to access traditional voice roaming on 4G LTE or 5G networks , you will need to have a VoLTE (Voice over LTE) capable 4G LTE or 5G device. This is the functionality that makes it possible for voice quality calls to be made over the LTE/4G mobile network. This feature will need to be activated on the device in order for you to be able to make these calls.

At this time, we are in the process of improving our network to implement the VoLTE capability to facilitate traditional voice calling while in the USA. We will update our website as soon as it is available.

Most recent 4G/LTE SIM cards will work with VoLTE. To check if you have an LTE SIM, dial *555# and the SIM status will be displayed on your phone. However, if you are unsure, please call our contact centre and speak with a representative by dialing 100 for consumer or 1-800-744-0222 for business.

  • Upgrade your device from 3G to a 4G LTE or 5G one that supports VoLTE
  • Upgrade your SIM card to an LTE SIM
  • Ensure that you subscribe to a suitable roaming package before departing
  • When the VoLTE functionality is available on our network:
    • Ensure that VoLTE feature in your device is activated and updated with the latest version
    • Ensure that VoLTE is switched on prior to travelling

Model NameModel CodeVolteVoWifi
Galaxy S22 UltraSM-S908EYesYes
Galaxy S22+SM-S906EYesYes
Galaxy S22SM-S901EYesYes
Galaxy A13SM-A135MYesYes
Galaxy A23SM-A235MYesYes
Galaxy A03 CoreSM-A032MYesYes
Model NameModel CodeVolteVoWifi
S20 FESM-G780FYesYes
NOTE 20SM-N980FYesYes
iPhone 12


Apple computer support IMS, to enable VoLTE Roaming you must have iOS 15

Previous version support VoLTE from iPhone 7 onwards


Other Android

They require SW adaptation to supportVoLTE and VoLTE Romaing

Adaptation are being worked on withAlcatel, ZTE, etc

In former years, copper was the standard technology in the telecommunication sector due to its excellent voice transmission. However, with the demand for greater bandwidth to deliver faster internet speeds, fiber optics has proven to be more efficient and reliable. Our goal is to deliver a 100% fiber network throughout the Turks and Caicos by the end of this year.

Dear Valued Customer:

We are excited to be able to fulfill our promise of a better broadband and mobile experience for our customers in Grand Turk.

We know that the ongoing upgrades have at times interrupted or degraded our service levels and we thank customers for their continued patience and loyalty to our brand.

To this end we wish to direct customers in Grand Turk to use our Virtual Retail Store as a safe and secure option for:

  • Service inquires
  • Fault reporting
  • Contacting our Virtual Stores is easy; email us directly at the store addresses provided or add our WhatsApp number to your contacts.
  • A dedicated sales representative will be ready to assist you during store hours from 8:30am to 4:00pm, Mon-Fri.
  • StoreWhatsApp NumberEmail

    Making a fault report ensures that your service request is received and resolved in a timely manner by our Customer Experience department.


    • Speaking with a technician
    • Posting a comment to social media
    • Sending an SMS to an employee

    We will make every effort to reply to all requests in a timely manner.


    Demeika Quant-Hamilton

    Head of Retail Sales

Dear Customer,

As of July 1, Flow will no longer support picture messaging sent via SMS/MMS services, or WAP services. We would like to recommend that you use WEB browsers to access the Internet once we stop supporting WAP or WAP services.

We understand that this change may impact how you use our services but we continue to support other channels that make sharing easier.

Thank you for being a Flow customer!


Your Flow Team

Why I’m seeing an alert or error message when I tried to send a message?

As of July 1, Flow will disconnect SMS/MMS services, which mean that messages that contain images won’t be able to be sent using our SMS service. You will still be able to continue using our SMS service for regular text messages. Try using messaging apps from the app store to share with friends and family.

If you are an iOS user:

  • iMessage: continue using your iMessage service to send multimedia files or text messages, as long as it is available. If you have set the option “Send as SMS” in case iMessage is not available, that message will be only sent if it does not contain any multimedia file. If there are more than 160 characters in your message, please be advised that messages will be concatenated and you will be charged based on the number of concatenated messages sent.
    • SMS: text messages without multimedia files will be sent as a SMS. Messages with more than 160 characters, will be sent as concatenated messages.
    • MMS: in the past, when iMessage was not available or you were sending a multimedia file, the message was sent as a MMS. MMS is no longer supported in the Flow network.
    • Group Messages: in the past, when you created a group message and not all of your recipients had iMessage or your iMessage was not available, the message was sent as a MMS. Please be advised that if iMessage is unavailable, you will be charged based on the number of recipients included in your message, also messages to recipients that do not have iMessage will be charged. Each recipient will receive the SMS and the sender will be charged for the total SMS sent.
  • What are ‘Concatenated SMS’? When you send an SMS message over 160 characters, the message will be split into multiple SMS. Large messages are segmented into 153 character segments and sent individually then rebuilt by the recipient’s device. For example, a 161-character message will be sent as two messages, one with 153 characters and the second with 8 characters.

iOS Messages setting screen


Why I cannot access WAP service anymore?

As of July 1, Flow disconnected our WAP services or WAP browsing. Please use a web browser for your internet needs.

No, FLOW postpaid subscribers are unable to request a loan.


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