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LTE Indoor Coverage
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Indoor and Outdoor coverage are good
Outdoor coverage is good, Indoor coverage is poor.

Frequently Asked Questions

LTE stands for 'Long Term Evolution'. It is a radio access technology used to deliver superfast data speeds.

4G LTE is the fastest mobile data network in the world. Download speeds can reach up to 35Mbps. It's like having a fiber-optic cable in your pocket.

Yes, your existing device will work on our network. But, to take advantage of the new speeds offered by 4G LTE you will need an LTE compatible device, LTE SIM card and LTE data plan.

Yes, we'll need to swap out your SIM, so you can access the LTE network. You can visit any FLOW Retail store to have your SIM swapped for free after you have signed up for your new LTE data plan.
If you're a prepaid customer with an LTE phone & LTE FLOW SIM, simply dial to view the new prepaid LTE plans. 
If you're a postpaid customer with an LTE device & LTE SIM, visit the retail store to upgrade your plan to an LTE one. FLOW has new packages for light and heavy users, with plans up to 25GB.