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New Improved Speeds

Say hello to fast, reliable and hassle-free surfing, sharing and streaming across all your devices at blazing fast speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Get double data on your Postpaid plan when you add it to your Broadband Services. Join Flow today!


Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Home Lite

Minimum speed for modern households with great speed for everyday use including streaming.

300 Mbps
Max download
300 Mbps
Max upload

Home Essential

Ideal for superfast internet and streaming on multiple devices in the home.

600 Mbps
Max download
600 Mbps
Max upload

Home Plus

Perfect for online gaming and streaming on multiple devices at best performance.

800 Mbps
Max download
800 Mbps
Max upload

Home Max

Maximum speeds for online gaming, virtual learning, video conferencing and streaming on multiple devices at best performance.

1 Gbps
Max download
1 Gbps
Max upload

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*Monthly modem and landline rental of $6 included.


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There are several things that you can do to try to fix the fault for yourself. These easy steps should get you back up and running quickly.

  1. Check line for dial tone.
  2. Ensure all lines are filtered.
  3. Make sure bill is up to date.
  4. Ensure there are no outstanding reported faults for your telephone service.
  5. Reboot your modem - To do this Turn the modem on by pressing and holding the power button to the front for about 20 seconds. The power light flashes until solid green.
  6. If there is a problem with the modem, the power light is solid red - you will need to contact Flow to fix this.
  7. If the DSL light is off completely, then there is no line sync - you will need to contact Flow to fix this.

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  • Install anti-virus - Viruses are everywhere so install anti-virus software which will constantly update and protect your computer
  • Monitor your kids internet use - Keep your computer somewhere where you can see what your kids are doing.
  • Make sure you have Parental Control software and learn more about the risks to kids.
  • Use spam controls - Make sure you have spam controls on your email.
  • Use a firewall - Broadband connections allow others to come and take over your computer if you don't use a firewall.
  • Be suspicious of scams - Many scams circulate over the internet and are often a way of getting you to hand over your personal details and take your money.
  • Don't download files or emails - Be suspicious of all emails or downloads that people send you unless you know where they are from and they look genuine.
  • Keep your computer in good shape - Ensure your software is up to date, back up your data and upgrade your computer periodically.
  • Block Spyware - Spyware (also known as Adware or Malware) can infect your system monitoring what you do. You should install and use an anti-Spyware programme to clean this up regularly.
  • Don't give out your personal information - 'Phishing' is a new internet phenomenon where a site or service pretends to be an established legitimate business in order to con people into giving away their private information.
  • Use Common Sense - General vigilance is your best weapon. Risks are out there, so only trust people and sites you know.
Flow Security Suite is a software application, which provides protection from online viruses and other malicious risk whiles on the Internet.

With the Parental Control browsing modes, you can define browsing times and web sites that are suitable for your teenagers and small children. You can give your teenagers more freedom to browse the Internet while having tighter restrictions on your small children's online activities. You can create and set up the Parent, Teenager, and Small Child browsing modes either with Start-up Wizard during the installation.

Small Child browsing mode - The Small Child browsing mode is active after you have installed the product or restarted the computer. When the Small Child mode is active : Anyone using the computer can access only those web sites that you have specifically allowed. Access to the Internet is allowed only during the scheduled time. All the web sites that you have allowed are listed on Parental Control Start Page that opens in the browser when the Small Child mode is active.

Teenager browsing mode - When the Teenager browsing mode is active : Anyone using the computer can access all web sites, except those that contain restricted or unwanted content, for example on drugs or adult material. Access to the Internet is allowed only during the scheduled time. If you have created both Small Child and Teenager browsing modes on your computer, tell your teenagers the password you created for the Teenager mode. When they enter the password, they can browse web pages that do not contain restricted material, and you have specifically allowed.

Note: If you turn Web Page Filter off, your teenagers can visit web pages and sites despite their content.