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Chippie Hybrid Plans

With Chippie’s Hybrid plans you will get the best of mobile postpaid and prepaid services combined. You get full control over cost with no overages and the convenience of a fixed monthly bill. It’s a combo bundle that will cater to all your connectivity needs.

Chippie Plus

with rollover data
unlimitedUnlimited calling*
mins100 Offnet/
International Mins
sms100 SMS

Chippie Max

with rollover data
unlimitedUnlimited calling*
mins200 Offnet/
International Mins
sms200 SMS

*Ran out of DATA? Add 1GB extra data to your plan by sending "extra data" to 3434 (Price $6)

*To all Chippie and Chippieland numbers. Fair Use policy applies. Deposit required.
See Terms & Conditions on this page for details.

Hybrid Plan Benefits

Data roll-over
Any data not used will be forwarded to the next billing period and be available for use.

Best rates
Get the best rates for mobile data and minutes.

Switch to Prepaid
Once all your monthly grants have expired you automatically become a prepaid client and can control the top up of your account.

You get to choose the Hybrid plan that fits you.

No bill shock
enjoy a fixed monthly payment

Apply today for a Chippie Hybrid plan!

Visit any Flow Store to apply for, or to switch to one of these plans. Our representatives will gladly assist you.

A valid ID and a deposit maybe required depending on the plan.


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