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  • Install anti-virus - Viruses are everywhere so install anti-virus software which will constantly update and protect your computer.
  • Monitor your kids' internet use - Keep your computer somewhere where you can see what your kids are doing. Make sure you have Parental Control software and learn more about the risks to kids.
  • Use spam controls - Make sure you have spam controls on your email.
  • Use a firewall - Broadband connections allow others to come and take over your computer if you don't use a firewall.
  • Be suspicious of scams - Many scams circulate over the internet and are often a way of getting you to hand over your personal details and take your money.
  • Don't download files or emails - Be suspicious of all emails or downloads that people send you unless you know where they are from and they look genuine.
  • Keep your computer in good shape - Ensure your software is up to date, back up your data and upgrade your computer periodically.
  • Block Spyware - Spyware (also known as Adware or Malware) can infect your system monitoring what you do. You should install and use an anti-Spyware programme to clean this up regularly.
  • Don't give out your personal information - 'Phishing' is a new internet phenomenon where a site or service pretends to be an established legitimate business in order to con people into giving away their private information.
  • Use Common Sense - General vigilance is your best weapon. Risks are out there, so only trust people and sites you know.

Yes, you may upgrade to a higher package at any time. Why not arrange it now by chatting to one of our customer service team or using the "Contact Us" pages to make your request.

The actual speed that you may received is affected by a number of factors such as how far away you live from the telephone exchange. We provide a wide range of broadband speeds across the region. To check what is available in your country / area please chat online to one of our agents or use the "Contact Us" area of the website.

Your Internet connection can seem slower from time to time often, the cause is simply that a large number of people are trying to use the Internet at the same time as you. Here are some steps you can take try and speed things up:

  • Reboot your broadband modem. You can do this by turning it off at the electricity, waiting 30 seconds and then turning it back on again. Turn off file-sharing programs (also known as Peer to Peer software, or P2P). Examples of this kind of software are Napster, Kazaa, iMesh, eMule and so on. This type of software can consume a large chunk of your connection speed. Remember, too, that your broadband speed can only be as fast as the connection of the person you are downloading from.
  • If you're running a home network, connect your broadband device directly to one computer and recheck your speed to rule out local network problems.
  • If you're using USB, we recommend that you switch to Ethernet to get the best possible results over FLOW broadband.
  • Advanced user? If you're an advanced user comfortable with using Windows DOS commands, you can also try refreshing the Windows TCP/IP component. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is used to send data between computers, however it can become damaged. FLOW however will not be able to support you with these advanced settings.

Flow Broadband offers you the benefit of using internet AND voice services on the same line, at the same time, without any time-based internet charges OR internet related local call charges. Flow Residential Broadband comes in two varieties metered plans and non-metered plans. They both use ADSL technology.

ADSL, Asysmmetric Digital Subscriber Line, is a technology that achieves more bandwidth over existing copper telephone lines.

The requirements are:

  • An ADSL compatible phone line from FLOW
  • An ADSL modem that is compatible with FLOW Broadband service.
  • A FLOW microfilter for each telephone or fax machine.
  • An ADSL modem that is compatible with FLOW Broadband ADSL service.
  • A PC with a processor of at least 333 MHz and 32 MB of RAM.

If you would like to discuss buying ADSL service from FLOW please use the Chat function to talk to one of our customer service team or use the "Contact Us" pages.

Due to the limitations of the ADSL technology, ADSL may not available in some areas.
Your application will be processed and your line will be tested for ADSL compatibility.
Even if ADSL is not currently available in your area, please fill out an application form since we are working hard to expand our ADSL service. Your application helps us know where ADSL is most needed.

No, you will need an ADSL modem. We offer specific ADSL modems for specific plans with term contracts.
For broadband service without contracts we have modems for sale. The sale of the modem is non refundable. You May purchase our own modem but FLOW will not guarantee that it will work with our service.

Filters eliminate noise on the telephone line caused by your ADSL modem. A microfilter is required on each telephone extension that is not connected to the ADSL modem. FLOW will provide a maximum of three (3) free filters. You may purchase additional filters from FLOW.