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Here’s a list of things to check:

  • Make sure there's electricity going to the wall outlet where the phone base for is plugged in and check that the handset is charged.
  • Double-check that the phone is working properly. Try connecting a phone that you know for certain is working.
  • See if you've got a pre-recorded message on your phone about temporary suspension of service. If you do have this pre-recorded message, please contact Flow's Customer Care Centre at 9363.
  • If you still can't dial out, then please contact our Customer Care Centre at 9363.

Here's a list of things to check:

  • Check that the cable (from outside) is securely attached to the back of the modem and that it's not cracked or broken. If it is cracked or broken, please call our Customer Care Call Centre at 59997893569.
  • Check that the modem is securely plugged into the electrical outlet and that the modem's power and battery lights are on.
  • Check that your phone cables are securely plugged in and are not cracked or broken. If necessary, secure the connections or replace the cracked or broken cords.
  • Make sure that all phones connected to the line are hung up properly.

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