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Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised there will be an increase of between $2 and $5 per month for select broadband and bundle customers effective June 1st, 2023.

PackageCurrent PriceNew PriceAdjustment
Fibre Basic 15 (No Contract)$75$77$2
Fibre Basic 15 (Contract)$70$72$2
Superfast 20 - DSL$78$80$2
Superfast Fibre Plus (No Contract)$100$103$3
Superfast Fibre Plus (Contract)$95$98$3
Fibre Essential 75 (Contract)$90$93$3
Fibre Essential 75 (No Contract)$95$98$3
Superfast Fibre Max (Contract)$115$118$3
Superfast Fibre Max (No Contract)$120$123$3
Fibre Essential 60 (Contract)$80$84$4
Fibre Essential 60 (No Contract)$85$89$4
Home Premium Bundle$240$245$5
Upward Plan$180$185$5
Upward Lite Bundle$160$165$5
Home Standard Bundle$180$185$5
Home Lite Bundle$140$145$5
HBO Go Bundle$180$185$5
Flame Bundle$160$165$5
Spark Bundle$140$145$5
Blaze Bundle$240$245$5

*All prices are VAT-inclusive.

We have worked hard to run an efficient business and keep our costs down while investing in our networks to improve speed and reliability, and we have held off on any broadband price adjustments for several years, especially as our communities relied heavily on our connections for remote school and work.

However, with the rising cost of doing business, we cannot continue to absorb all the costs associated with delivering cutting-edge products and services, and we need to adjust our prices by a small amount at this time.

We also invite you to visit to see if any of our plans better suits your needs.

We are proud to operate the strongest, fastest, and most reliable networks in Barbados and we want you to know that we will continue to work to equip you with the very best value and service experience.

We appreciate your understanding, and we look forward to keeping you connected to the things that matter most.

Thank you for choosing Flow!


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