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Frequently Asked Question

LTE stands for 'Long Term Evolution'. It is a radio access technology used to deliver superfast data speeds.

3G and 4G are earlier mobile data technologies which have slower download and upload speeds. Superfast 4G LTE is built on new infrastructure specifically designed to carry data and as a result provides download speeds up to 4 times faster than earlier technologies.

4G LTE is the fastest mobile data network in the world. Download speeds can reach up to 35Mbps. It's like having a fiber-optic cable in your pocket.

If you have a MyPlan with 3GB of data or more, and a compatible device you will be able to receive superfast 4G LTE. If you have mobile data plan that's less than 3GB you will need to upgrade to at least a 3GB plan to be eligible for LTE.

Flow's Superfast 4G LTE network uses the North American standard 700MHz band, the same band used by AT&T and Verizon in the US. It's compatible with the majority of US handset standards. We're also the only network in Antigua & Barbuda to have 100% coverage - indoors, outdoors and wherever you are on the islands.

Yes, your existing device will work on our network. But, to take advantage of the new speeds offered by 4G LTE you will need an LTE compatible device, LTE SIM card and LTE data plan.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a 'fourth generation' (4G) mobile service which will enable customers to access mobile data at far higher download speeds than previously available. Browsing the internet, downloading files and streaming videos will become almost instantaneous for 4G (LTE) customers.

We have 100% coverage Superfast 4G LTE across all two islands. That's everywhere.

  • An LTE compatible device
  • An LTE SIM – Visit one of our stores to upgrade your SIM to a new LTE compatible SIM for FREE. It's a simple swap.
  • An LTE data bolt or combo plan – see our new postpaid and prepaid LTE Data plans below
  • Have the latest software update installed in your smartphone, follow the prompts and accept any automatic software update (you won't need to sign up or make any changes to your device settings).

Yes, we'll need to swap out your SIM, so you can access the LTE network. You can visit any FLOW Retail store to have your SIM swapped for free after you have signed up for your new LTE data plan.
If you're a prepaid customer with an LTE phone & LTE FLOW SIM, simply dial to view the new prepaid LTE plans.
If you're a postpaid customer with an LTE device & LTE SIM, visit the retail store to upgrade your plan to an LTE one. FLOW has new packages for light and heavy users, with plans up to 25GB.