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What is Flow’s Fair Usage Policy?

Flow’s Fair Usage Policy ("FUP") is intended to ensure that as you enjoy our services, which are provided by a common infrastructure and network resources, you will not have unfair disruption of access and that the network remains protected. This policy applies to our fixed and mobile telephony, broadband, or *mobile internet ("Services"). Some users may take a disproportionately greater share of the network resources and consequently, other users suffer a diminished experience. We manage our shared network resources to determine excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent use which may impact the reliable operation of our network and/or the quality of our Services.

How does the Fair Usage Policy work with Unlimited Plans?

Flow’s plans or offers include unlimited fixed, mobile voice, text messaging and maximum LTE data. Flow’s unlimited plans and offers are determined based on an estimated average usage ("Average Usage") of our Services specific to call volume, call length and data usage per plan or offer. The Average Usage may vary depending on the plan you purchase.

What is Flow's Allocation for Unlimited Mobile Plans?

Outlined in the table below are the FUP threshold amounts for the various plans based on the estimated average usage, previously mentioned, as defined by Flow.

Plan Mobile Plan Data
(Max LTE speed)
Unlimited Social Media and YouTube
(Max LTE speed)
Unlimited Anywhere
Local Minutes
Unlimited Anywhere
Local Text
2-Day 6.7 GB300100
5-Day 15 GB600200
7-Day 15 GB600200
14-Day 23 GB1,550500 
28-Day-2GB 45 GB3,1001,000
28-Day-4GB 45 GB3,1001,000
30-Day35 GB45 GB3,1001,000

The above limitations on Unlimited Mobile Plans are subject to change as determined by Flow and Customers will be notified in accordance with the methods set out in Flow's Standard Terms and Conditions of Service at www.discoverflow.co.

What will happen if the FUP Allocations are Exceeded?

The FUP applicable to calls, texts and social media usage will vary based on the plan you have selected.

Mobile Services

  • If you exceed the FUP allocation for voice and texts in your plan, your usage above these amounts will be billed at the standard pay-per-use rates.
  • If you exceed the FUP allocation for maximum LTE data in your plan, you will continue to have access to data, but at a reduced speed which is not LTE powered
  • You will be notified via text message, and any usage thereafter will be billed at standard pay-per-use rates

Fixed Internet Services

Once you exceed the allocation for maximum data in your plan your service may be suspended until the next billing cycle and charges for the excess usage for the said period may be applied to your account.
*Mobile internet services refer to access to the world wide web, i.e. the use of internet services via a browser, from a handheld mobile device, such as a smartphone, a feature phone, a tablet computer or a dongle, which are connected to our mobile network.