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What are the Flow Jamaica mobile plans?

Get a bundle of minutes and data when you activate any of our Anywhere Talk & Data plans. With 6 affordable options, there is a plan for everyone!

Want more minutes and data to stay connected longer with friends and family? Activate the unlimited 7, 14, or 30 day plans and enjoy:

  • Unlimited anywhere minutes
  • Unlimited WhatsApp text messaging
  • PLUS an allotment of data
Duration CostAnywhere Talk (Flow & Digi)*Unlimited WhatsApp Text Messaging Data Allotment
2 Days$24050 minutesNo220 MB
7 Days$500150 minutesNo425 MB
7 Days$825Unlimited Yes425 MB
14 Days$1,550Unlimited Yes1.2 GB
30 Days$2,500Unlimited Yes2 GB
30 Days$3,000UnlimitedYes3.5 GB

*Fair Usage (FUP) Policy applies

Your anywhere minutes will keep you connected with friends & family on any network in Jamaica (mobile and landline).

You can activate a plan by dialing and selecting the Anywhere Talk & Data Option. Customers can also subscribe to a plan through the MyFlow App.

You can activate these plans as often as you wish.

You can check your balance by dialing send. Your data balance is also available when you dial send.

Yes, your unused data allotment will rollover up to 3 times the value your current plan, once you activate a new Anywhere Talk & Data plan before your current plan expires.

Rollover is not applicable for unused voice minutes on the 2-day $190 plan and on the 7-day $410 plan option.

Yes you will. If the data component of the plan is fully utilized, you will still have access to your anywhere minutes to call any network in Jamaica.

Sure you can. If you need more data, you can add the 1GB data booster for only $100.

Yes, customers may purchase a mix of these plans. However, the data benefit on each plan will be represented separately and not combined.

Customers on the Flow Lyf plans currently enjoy an extra allotment of data for social media. If both the Flow Lyf Plan and the Anywhere Talk & Data plan with unlimited WhatsApp text is activated, WhatsApp text will first be used from the Flow Lyf social media allotment and then from the Unlimited WhatsApp text benefit.