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Additional Terms and Conditions

1. The Gig Up 1GB Booster offer is only available to Flow Prepaid Mobile customers whose Gig Up Plan is active and therefore not expired. The expiration of your Gig Up plan occurs either at the end of the subscription period or if you have exhausted your data allotment, whichever comes first. If this occurs your plan is deemed inactive.

2. Customers can only purchase one (1) Gig Up 1GB Booster Plan at a time which is valid for 24 hours after purchase.

3. A new Gig Up1GB Booster plan can be purchased at expiration of an existing Gig Up 1GB Booster plan.

4. Where a customer has an active Gig Up Plan, Flow Lyf and Gig Up 1GB Booster plan, the data allotment will be used in the following order- Gig Up 1GB Booster Plan will be used first, then next the Gig Up Plan, followed by the Flow Lyf Plan. Each plan will maintain its separate expiry date and respective data allotment.

5. Auto renew and rollover does not apply to the Gig Up 1GB Booster Plan.

6. All plan allotments are for local use only and are not applicable while roaming.

7. Flow reserves the right to withdraw or modify this plan at any time.

8. Flow standard terms and conditions for prepaid mobile service apply. Conditions apply.