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If you have an incoming call while you are on the line, the Call Waiting feature will alert you. You may then put the first call on hold, while you answer your second call. It will greatly reduce missed calls due to a busy phone.


  • When a second call is received, you will hear a beep on the line.
  • To speak to the second caller, simply press the flash button for approximately on second. The second call will then come on the line.
  • When you have finished speaking to the second caller, simply press the flash button and you will be reconnected to the first caller.
  • You can alternate between calls by pressing the flash button each time.

You can talk to our Customer Service team using the online Chat tool or by using the "Contact Us" pages. Alternatively you can email us and we will try to resolve your fault for you as quickly as we can.

Yes. iPhone handsets out of warranty will be forward by FLOW to Apple for repairs. Note, however, a standard charge of US $199 is required for assessing fault on the device, this is to be paid upfront, and additional costs will depend on the nature of the repair.

Please refer to the Flow where you can input your details for follow-up once Flow has received new stock.

No. Postpaid customers are required to purchase the iPhone upfront with one payment.

No. Customers must subscribe to one of the iPhone specific plans. Please refer to question 3. If the contents of the plan do not meet the customer needs, they will be able to add bolt-ons.

All iPhones must be sold with a contract. Postpaid customers are required to sign an 18-month contract. The standard early termination fee policy will apply to postpaid customers. The ETF will be calculated as stated 100% of Monthy Rental Charve x number of months remaining on the contract.

There are specific plans that were created for the iPhones. If a customer wants upgrade their smartphone to a iPhone, they must subscribe to an iPhone plan.

Non Flow iPhone users can subscribe to any of the new iPhone plans. They will be required to complete and sign the Flow iPhone application form and contract. They will be bounded by the Flow iPhone terms and condition of service.

Firstly when you notice you have lost your phone please contact us as soon as possible. We will then bar the phone to prevent any unauthorised use of it.

You can purchase a another iPhone, however you will have to pay full price for the handsets. The full price is available from the stores stocking the phone.

Once you have exceeded your allotted data, any data usage thereafter will be billed at the specific per megabyte (MB) rate as per table below. Please check our retail stores for current data rates. However, customers will also be able to add additional data allowance to their plans by purchasing data bolt-ons.